Next Steps: Volunteer

Who are Volunteers?

Mt. Pisgah volunteers are members of the church who work together to serve our church body and others in the community to advance the Kingdom for Jesus. We believe that everyone has been gifts and abilities from God and that we should be using them to impact our community and the world around us.

How do I Volunteer?

Become a member of the church and then check out the volunteer teams below. Seek to find the Spiritual gift that God has given you and then plug into where you are gifted. If your gift is teaching then the place to serve is leading a Lifegroup class..etc. Email the church office and we will get you connected to the service opportunity you desire. Email

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available?

Mt. Pisgah Kids 

Volunteers are needed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for kids. We have two opportunities for service within our kid’s ministry. We need volunteers for our Nursery which takes place on Sunday mornings. This position requires you to care for our children and to provide them a safe environment during our worship service. We also need volunteers for our Kidz Church on Sunday Mornings. This position requires you to learn and teach the kids lesson.


First Impressions Team 

We need people to help visitors and guests feel welcome in our worship celebrations. We have many opportunities for service with our first impressions team. We need volunteers who are willing to greet our guests when they enter the building and also to hand out our bulletins.


Worship Team

If you have musical interests and skills, instrumental or vocal, there are opportunities for you to participate in leading in worship during our Sunday worship celebrations. The choir is always looking for fresh new voices to join them if interested. Contact the choir director to join the choir.


Media Team

Each week people are needed to run the sound and light boards, video projectors and produce everything you see at our worship service. This team is great for people with knowledge and interest in sound production, video production or computer production.


LifeGroup Teachers 

We are always looking for people interested in leading and teaching a Lifegroup. These take place before our Sunday Morning worship service in our Education building.


Building Team

This team is designed for people with skills in building maintenance, electrical knowledge, carpentry skills, etc. If you are interested in helping out in this area please sign up.